The place where 5.0L's run wild on the track!

This site is designed for the weekend warrior just like you and I...

I've made this site to hopefully help you all out in searching for: sponsors, telling my story to show the commitment needed for racing, giving you tips from my 20 year, limited budget construction of my 1989 5.0L LX, which I bought off the show room floor and have turned into a multi class winner.  

About me: I've been racing some sort of motorsports since I was six years old. I began racing 80cc Motocross and was sponsored by Kawasaki Canada and raced all over North America on through the 125cc class. I was also a BMX freestyler sponsored by Cap's Cycles and in 1983 I was the Canadian Freestyle Champion. When I was 16 I switched to 600cc and 750cc production road racing with Suzuki. I did this until the late 1980's when my career was cut short by a careless motorhome driver who ran me over while I was on my motorcycle. I spent the next 7 yrs learning to use my body again and in 1994 I began autocrossing in Solo II. I raced Solo II and I got sponsored by Raybestos Brakes, Pennzoil, Purolator Filters and Autolite spark plugs. I graduated to Solo I and road racing in 1996. In 2001, I was in the CACC Solo II Series and won the Championship in the E Street Prepared Class. I also was racing in the IP 1 Class with National Mustang in their 1993 Mustang 5.0L and at the same time running my 1989 Mustang 5.0L in GT 1. I did this until 2004 when I was in an accident in which I fractured my neck. Shortly there after, in 2006, I was in a car accident, hit by a drunk driver and suffered another head injury and a month later, I shattered my left leg in a freak accident on my bike. So, in 2008, I got back in the car for a couple of races and placed 1st and 3rd in Solo I. I did these races with my leg still broken in half which I wasn't aware of until the fall. I had my 24th and 25th surgery in Sept and Nov of 2008 and just completed my 40th one this year. The Dr's are amazed that I can even walk as they said I'd probably either lose my leg or definitely never walk again without assistance. I neither lost my leg, nor do I need any assistance.... SOOOOooo... in 2009 and 2010, I finished off the seasons 3rd in points running Solo I in the SP-4 class. I did this despite having 2 surgeries mid season in '09 missing out on 2 events! With all the support of Fulcrum Aeroworks, Speed Tech Performance, Lordco Auto Part Supply, family, friends and an awesome group of surgeons, as they say out on the track, " I'M BAAACK!!"....and even better for 2011!

Jack Roush Jr (left) and Me testing 427R's

Me in a 427 R