Track Day with cameras all over the car 1989 MUSTANG LX SPORT                                                                                 1 - 1 OF 718 MANUFACTURED -           2D Medium Scarlet                ( Saleen only for 1989 ), ordered as bright red paint code  (21)     So this may well be a near one of one... Had I known this before I started building back in 1989...Well maybe it wouldn't have become a full on Ultimate Street Machine with so many major mods ... the good thing is that if I had to, I could bring it back to stock, albeit way to much work to even dream of...LOL !                                

Nice n smooth                                                         ENGINE                                                                                                  
 Ø  Federal Mogul Engine Kit 306ci Original Block .030 Over Webbed Mains

Ø  LW 2488 Ultra Lightweight Forged Pistons  10 : 1 cr

Ø  CS195R Speed Pro Camshaft .493 -.510 lift    212/222 @050   Lobe CL 112deg

Ø  Speed Pro Custom Filed Moly Rings

Ø  Comp Cams 1631-16 -  3/8” stud - 1.6 – Roller Rockers Ø  Balanced and Blue Printed

Ø  Edelbrock  6025 Performer RPM 60 CC 2.02” / 1.60” (in/ex) Polished

Ø  Comp 69625  5/16” x 6 1/4”  Push Rods w/4816-8 Comp Cams guideplates

Ø  Accel 32psi injectors

306ci New after I dropped a pushrod @ 7000RPMØ  SDS Digital Fuel System Management

Ø  Edelbrock Performer Upper and Lower Intake Match Ported

Ø  Edelbrock 70mm Throttle Body

Ø  Holley 255 H.O LPH Fuel Pump

Ø  FRPP 3 Core Aluminum Radiator

Ø  Crane Hi6s and PS 91 Ignition                            

Ø  Magnacore 10mm wires

Ø  March Ram Air

Ø  Stuart Hi Flow Water Pump

Ø  Holley Billet Adj Fuel Pressure Reg

Ø  Todd Pro Air Deflector

Ø  3” Mac Power Chamber

Ø  Mac 1 5/8” long tube headers

Ø  B&M Oil Cooler

Ø  Black Magic Thermo Controlled Fan

Ø  MSD 8456 Billet Distributor

Ø  FRPP Crank Scraper

Ø  Power Master 9603 Torque Master Starter

Ø  Power Master 47759 200amp alt


Ø  Tremec 3550 TKO Transmission

Ø  Centerforce II Clutch

Ø  26 Spline Input Shaft

Ø  C – 6 Drive Shaft Yokes

Ø  Spicer U 1330 U-joints

Ø  Richmond 3.73 Gears

Ø  Bronson Bros. Fibre Posi Clutch Discs

Ø  FRPP Aluminum Drive Shaft

Ø  Lakewood Scatter Shield

Ø  Hurst Pro Billet Shifter


 Ø  BBK Strut Tower Brace

Ø  Eibach Road Race Springs 750-850 frt, 200-260 rr #9302140

Ø  Thunderbird
Front Control Arms

Ø  Gary’s Connectors

Ø  Gary’s G – load Brace

Ø  Gary’s Panhard Bar

Ø  Western Motor Sports Weight Jacker Lower Rear Control Arms

Ø  Koni  Yellow Adjustable Struts

Ø  Tokico Illumina 5 way Adjustable rear Shocks

Ø  Baer Racing Bumpsteer Kit

Ø  Hand Built Front Spindles

Ø  Steeda Spherical upper control arm bushings

Ø  BBK upper conrtol arms

Ø  Flaming River FR1504P billet steering shaft kit

Ø  K- Member Bronson Bros welded assy

Ø  Hoosier R6 275/40/17

Ø  Suspension Techniques 52045 sway bars

               Ø  Wilwood SL6  six piston front Calipers                                                  Ø  13” Wilwood 13x1.25" rotors

Ø  Carbotech XP9 D412 Front Pads

Ø  Carbotech XP9 D347 Turbo Coupe Rear Pads

Ø  FRPP Master Cylinder

Ø  Wilwood Bias Adj

Ø  Stainless Brake Lines


 Ø  Michael Shumacher OMP Seat

Ø  8 Point .125” Cage

Ø  Autometer Phantom Gauges and Shift Light

Ø  AMB Transponder Unit

"Pit Crew" workin the old Vette 13's and PBR's Dyno Results:                              330.6 RWHP @ 5200RPM /             430 ft/lb @ 4250RPM                          - Sept 7, 2008 -                                          EXTERIOR                              Ø Speed Tech Performance front Aluminum Splitter                                                             Ø Fulcrum Aeroworks rear Aero Wing assembled with Carbon fibre                                                                                                       Ø Fuel Safe 79 - 93 Mustang specific fuel cell SA110A

This car has competed in over 200 Solo I & II events in Canada and the USA and has placed no further back than 3rd in class for the season series in over 15 yrs of racing. In 2001, I was ESP CACC Solo II Champion for the Series. 

See the car in action with several awesome videos show just what we do!   Just highlight the link below and paste it into your browser!


 The car has also been competing in Road Course venues for the past 7 yrs throughout the Pacific Northwest and has been very successful in Solo Sprint events with the latest pitting the 5.0L VS a Carrera GT with the 5.0 coming out on top!
Current sponsors for the 2011 season are as follows:

Speed Tech Performance, Pitt Meadows BC       http://www.speedtech-performance.com/            
Fulcrum Aeroworks, JustinTexas     

Lordco Auto Parts Supply        http://www.lordco.com/

Glowshift Gauges       http://sponsoredtv.com/v/1301552147_955_35

$100 Cash Payout     http://sponsoredtv.com/v/1301552147_955_39

A Magnanimous thanks to these guys helping me out !!!!!